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Choral Workshop in Vermont with Dr. Sheasby Matiure, June 8-15

Here is a summer choral workshop week in Vermont with Dr. Sheasby Matiure from Zimbabwe. He is a wonderful choral director. 

Summer Singing Week in the Northeast Kingdom with Sheasby Matiure and Brendan Taaffe
June 8–15, 2014

at Sky Meadow Retreat, Stannard, Vermont

Join us for a chance to dig deeply into the choral traditions of Zimbabwe. Sheasby Matiure will be visiting the U.S. for the first time in a number of years and will bring with him his wealth of knowledge about Zimbabwe’s makwayera tradition. Sheasby grew up near Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second major city, and was a protégé of Dumisani Maraire at Kwanangoma College. Later Sheasby became the first director of the National Dance Company of Zimbabwe and studied at Indiana University as a Fulbright Scholar. He is a master of the mbira nyunga nyunga as well as the marimba, and doesn’t like it when it gets too cold.

Brendan will fill out the week with a wealth of traditional American songs and original compositions.

Sky Meadow is a peaceful retreat nestled in the hills of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. It operates primarily as a Buddhist retreat, so the accommodations are simple but comfortable. Unlike recent Turtle Dove events, this week won’t be catered. We’ll work together in the kitchen to create our own meals, giving us another chance to create community.

The cost of the week, including room and board, is $795.