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Caroling on Pearl St. Mall, Friday, Dec. 20, 5:30pm

We will be caroling on the Pearl Street Mall on Friday evening, December 20th, from 5:30pm-6:30pm or so. We are meeting near the SW corner of Pearl and 13th, on the west side of Wells Fargo in the “underpass” there. Then we’ll probably meander from there. Happy singing!




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Caroling rehearsal Sunday Dec. 15 at the Kellers

Greetings, all ye singers! Choir rehearsal has been relocated to the home of the Kellers at 2575 Table Mesa Dr., Boulder. We will meet from 6-7:30 p.m.

And, while you’re here, did you see this lovely tribute to Nelson Mandela by the Soweto Gospel Choir? Wonderful singing, flash mob style at a Woolworths in Johannesburg.–the-most-touching-mandela-tribute-came-from-the-least-expected-place-070947330.html




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Mwebaza Day at Niwot Elementary

We had so much fun singing at Niwot Elementary School’s Mwebaza Day this morning! The children sang for their pen pals – who live in Uganda! And the Ugandan students also sang and danced, over skype, displayed on the large screen in the gym. The Ugandan students have inspired us to try and add more dancing to our songs. They were so good! And the Niwot school children were super wonderful, too!

I think I want to start all of my days with group singing and dancing! Thanks to Dale at Niwot Elementary for inviting us and hosting such a lovely event.


Dale, pictured at the right above, wrote us a very nice thank you note:

“Everyone, from students to parents to staff, couldn’t say enough nice things about your wonderful, talented group!  The Boulder Bike Underpass Choir were the perfect addition to our event!  The children were so clearly into your music, and we all enjoyed the tight harmonies, great rhythms, smiling faces, and beautiful voices!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  Your group has infectious enthusiasm that we all carried throughout the day!”

Aw shucks. The pleasure was ours.