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Bike to Work Day, Wednesday June 22


One of the Boulder Bike Underpass Choir’s favorite holidays is Bike to Work Day, which is tomorrow, June 22!! To help celebrate, we will be singing at the South Side Walnut Cafe (in the Table Mesa shopping center, near Savers) from about 8am-9am. Stop on by if you’re in the neighborhood!


Author: Lisa S

The Boulder Bike Underpass Choir loves to sing in the Boulder bike underpasses where the acoustics are superb!

2 thoughts on “Bike to Work Day, Wednesday June 22

  1. Thank you for supporting such great community events.
    I am an avid fan of your “choir” and the U-tube postings you have done of your singing. Here in Gibsons, BC Canada (on the Sunshine Coast) we have a similar group who do ‘random acts of song’…also in African languages.

  2. Hello Mama Ivria! Thanks so much for the comment! I love your phrase, “random acts of song!” I’m going to keep using it as a way to inspire more random acts of song. Yay for community singing and Yay for the wonderful songs we have learned from our African friends!

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