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Sweet Honey at the Boulder Theater

I can’t wait for April 9, not because it’s almost time to pay my taxes, but because that’s when Sweet Honey in the Rock performs at the Boulder Theater! Love them! Get your tickets now!

And we’ll dream about them coming to sing with us in a Boulder Bike Underpass somewhere. How great would that be.


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Happy Winter Bike to Work Day!

Happy Winter Bike to Work Day! Here is the Boulder Bike Underpass Choir singing Shosholoza this morning at the Teahouse breakfast station. Click on the photo to view the youtube video.

And here we are all smiling afterwards.

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Boulder Winter Bike to Work Day – January 19

In Boulder, it’s not enough to have the annual Bike to Work day in June. We also have Winter Bike to Work Day. It might be cold and snowy, or it could be warm and sunny. In either case, it will probably be windy, knowing Boulder! Whatever the weather, it will be FUN with many free breakfast stations throughout the city.

And who knows, there could be some celebratory singing somewhere! Stay tuned. Wednesday, January 19 is the day.

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