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Caroling on the Pearl St. Mall

What a special time singing on the Pearl St. Mall yesterday on Christmas eve. We started in the wonderful “underpass-like” alcove just west of 13th and Pearl. Scintillating acoustics in there. As Leslie says, “We definitely fail to suck!” Meaing, damn, we sound good!

Inside the split rock at the west end of the mall, we sang Shosholoza and Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika, moving a young woman from South Africa to come up and ask us if we are from there. She said it was so wonderful to hear the songs from her homeland.

Later another woman asked us to stop and sing for her so she could film us! Then we spontaneously joined the Moving Voice singers and sang some traditional Christmas Carols with them. Damn they are good! I hope we can sing with them again.

Perhaps most touching was when a man selling “The Voice” (a newspaper generally sold by homeless people) tried to give us a dollar.

There is joy in singing!