Boulder Bike Underpass Choir

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Evaluating bike underpasses for future singing attacks

What makes a Boulder bike underpass choir-worthy or not? All bike underpasses have fabulous acoustics, and when I’m riding my bike, I sing in every bike underpass I go through. But some underpasses are better suited to a choir field trip than others.

Not so good

This bike underpass sounds great! But it's too narrow for our choir.

Satisfactory, but not lustworthy

This bike underpass is satisfactory, but not lust-worthy.

Pretty good underpass

Pretty good underpass for choir outing!

Excellent underpass

This underpass makes me drool. In a good way.

Stay tuned. We may plan a sneak singing attack for this last underpass. It’s a new one on CU’s campus, near the Planetarium. Wouldn’t it be fun to sing in there before a football game?!