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Celebrating Bike to Work Day!

Here we are, embracing our dorkiness and celebrating the awesome acoustics in the Prairie Dog underpass. We (Ashley, Heather, Donna, Lisa, Bart, Leslie, Sam, Sara, and Naomi) rock!!

Singing on Bike to Work Day

I attended the wonderful Bike Shorts Film Festival, and there I learned that there are currently 74 bike underpasses in Boulder. Can the Boulder Bike Underpass Choir sing in every one? We’ll see!


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Bike to Work Day is Wednesday, June 23. Yippee!

Our FAVORITE holiday that’s not really a holiday but more of a festivity is Wednesday, June 23! It’s Bike to Work Day!! There couldn’t be a better day for bike underpass singing. If you want to find us, we might be in a certain Prairie Dog themed underpass near Foothills and Araphoe during the morning commute from around 7:45am-8:15am.

Bike to Work Day web site.

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We sing for smiles!

We had a great time singing in the new underpass along Elmer’s Two Mile yesterday as part of the Boulder 360 ride. We  got a kick out of this sign that Annie and her son posted for us. And we loved seeing all the smiles on people’s faces as they road through the underpass while we sang.  Caution, singers ahead!

Caution, Singers Ahead